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Cooperative highway merging tested



AdaptIVe develops and tests driving applications for different traffic scenarios. The cooperative highway merging is one of the functions which AdaptIVe has been developing. With this manoeuvre AdaptIVe incorporates cooperative driving functionalities into automated driving.


In March, partners Volkswagen and Volvo Group Trucks Technology tested vehicle merging into highways on roads around Wolfsburg. Partners successfully demonstrated how a truck travelling along the highway can communicate with a car entering the highway from a slip road in order to create enough space, and vice versa.


During the test both vehicles used automatic merging functionality. The vehicles were connected via Vehicle-to-X (V2X) communication, which enables information and message exchange between the vehicles. Based on the communicated data, the truck, driving along the highway, adapted its speed to create a gap into the moving traffic. Simultaneously the car, approaching from the entrance ramp, searched for a space to merge into. After receiving a message from the truck via WLAN, the car decided to use the space provided by the truck and entered smoothly to the highway. The vehicles also interacted with the driver via the human-machine interface to make the manoeuvre transparent to the driver.


The V2X communication allows data exchange between vehicles, as well as between vehicles and traffic infrastructure, in real time. In the AdaptIVe project, the V2X communication is further developed. The project has created a new message format, which enables to share the on-board sensor data between vehicles. The new set of messages and mechanisms is needed to create a robust cooperative system.


The conducted test drives were also filmed. The videos will be presented at the AdaptIVe Final Event.


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