New evaluation methods

The introduction of supervised automated driving poses novel and specific questions.

The automated driving functions influence not only certain defined scenarios, such as accidents, near accidents, or safety-related situations, but the entire traffic flow.

Existing evaluation for ADAS methods do not cover the requirements for the evaluation of automated driving functions. New comprehensive approaches and new test methods are therefore required.

Evaluation framework

AdaptIVe considers the evaluation of:

  • Technical aspects at different automation levels;
  • Driver behaviour as well as interaction with other road users;
  • Effects on traffic when automated driving function are deployed.

The test and evaluation framework includes technical, in-traffic behaviour and user-related evaluation as well as an impact analysis focused on safety and traffic efficiency.

This will be deployed in a specification of methodologies, test procedures, key indicators and the design of experiments, including applicable test tools. The impact analysis is being conceived with a pan-European perspective.

AdaptIVe will conduct an analysis of automated driving in terms of safety and environmental impact, considering the effects of different automation levels.

Ultimately, the framework and new methodologies will be applied to a set of selected representative functions so that their validity will be proven for these representative cases.

Taking evaluation notes / Impact analysis / Testing at the track in Aldenhoven
Taking evaluation notes / Impact analysis / Testing at the track in Aldenhoven


Learn more about evaluation methods for automated driving. Below you can find interesting information from additional sources. Please also visit our interaction radar.


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