Press releases & articles

Below you find press releases published by the AdaptIVe consortium and articles about the project.

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AdaptIVe on German TV WDR

AdaptIVe on WDR (German TV Station) about the Final Event (→ external link; starts at 04:15; in German)

Press release Final Event

AdaptIVe_Final Results_press release_FINAL.pdf 123.3 KiB

AdaptIVe in the VRA newsletter 2016

201607_VRA-Newsletter.pdf 1.1 MiB

AdaptIVe in the VRA newsletter 2015

201506_VRA-Newsletter.pdf 6.9 MiB

Press release ika (German)

Press release_ika_DE.pdf 713.7 KiB

Press release kick-off

AdaptIVe_Press Release_Kick off.pdf 42.6 KiB