Download here public AdaptIVe deliverables and abstracts of non-public AdaptIVe deliverables.

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D1.0 Final report

AdaptIVe-SP1-v1-0-DL-D1-0-Final_Report.pdf 4.4 MB

D1.3 Dissemination Plan (Non-public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe-SP1-v10-DL-D1.3-Dissemination Plan_Summary.pdf 350.3 KiB

D1.5 Use Cases and Requirements (Non-public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe-SP1-v10-DL-D1.5-Use Cases Requirements_Summary.pdf 346.2 KiB

D1.6 Initial System Specifications (Non-public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe-SP1-v10-DL-D1.6-Initial System Specifications_Summary.pdf 349.7 KiB

D1.7 System Architecture and Updated System Specification (Non-public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe-SP1-v10-DL-D1.7-System Architecture Updated System Specification_Summary.pdf 137.5 KiB

D1.8 Demonstrator Vehicles (Non-public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe_SP1_v10_DL_D1.8-Demonstrator Vehicles_Summary.pdf 133.7 KiB

D2.1 System Classification and Glossary (Public)

AdaptIVe-SP2-v12-DL-D2.1-System Classification.pdf 1.7 MiB

D2.3 Legal Aspects of Automated Driving (Public)

AdaptIVe-SP2-v1.0-DL-D2.3 Legal Aspects of Automated Driving.pdf 4.3 MiB

D3.1 Use Case Catalogue (Non-public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe-SP3-v10-DL-D3.1-Use Case Catalogue_Summary.pdf 339.9 KiB

D3.2 Experimental Results (Non-public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe-SP3-v1.5-DL3.2-Experimental Results_Summary.pdf 411.3 KiB

D3.3 Final Functional Human Factors Recommendations (Public)

AdaptIVe-SP3-v23-DL-D3.3-Final Functional Human Factors Recommendations_Core.pdf 1.6 MiB

D7.1 Test and Evaluation Plan (Public)

AdaptIVe-SP7-v12-DL-D7.1-Test and Evaluation Plan.pdf 2.4 MiB

D7.2 Application of AdaptIVe Evaluation Methodology (Non-Public, Abstract)

AdaptIVe-SP7-v1.0-DL-D7.2-Application of AdaptIVe Evaluation Methodology_Summary.pdf 351.2 KiB

Papers & Presentations


June 28 and 29, 2017 / Aachen, Germany


June 28 // DAY 1

Adapting to automated driving // Erik Jonnaert, Secretary General, European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association ACEA 

Perspectives on automated driving // Wolfgang Höfs, Head of Sector "Strategic Planning and Communication" European Commission, Directorate-General CONNECT

Key results from the AdaptIVe project // Aria Etemad, Volkswagen Group Research, Coordinator

Close-distance scenarios // Christoph Kessler, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering Europe

The urban environment // Luisa Andreone, CRF – the Research Center of FCA

Automated driving on highways // Jens Langenberg, Volkswagen Group Research

Key evaluation results // Adrian Zlocki, ika RWTH Aachen University

Modelling an artificial driving agent inspired to the human sensorimotor system // Mauro da Lio, University of Trento

Sensing the vehicle environment // Angelos Amditis, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems ICCS

Designing system architecture // Daniel Lammering, Continental Automotive GmbH

Classification and localisation in the parking scenarios // Markus Hahn, Daimler AG

Validating the safety of automated driving // Vera Jütten, Daimler AG, Ulrich Eberle, Adam Opel GmbH


June 29 // DAY 2

Introduction to Human-Vehicle Integration // Mikael Söderman, Volvo Group

Use case design // Stefan Wolter, Ford Werke GmbH

Overview of results from the Human Factor experiments across Europe // Natasha Merat, University of Leeds

Functional Human Factors recommendations // Johann Kelsch, German Aerospace Center DLR

V2X communications in highway scenarios // Monique Engel, Volkswagen Group Research

A comprehensive evaluation methodology for automated driving // Christian Rösener, ika RWTH Aachen University

Evaluation of the AdaptIVe functions // Andras Varhelyi, Lund University, Erwin de Gelder, TNO

Mapping for GPS restricted environments in the parking scenarios // Anastasia Bolovinou, ICCS

Impact assessment of automated driving // Felix Fahrenkrog, BMW Group

Legal aspects // Eric Hilgendorf, University of Würzburg

Outlook // Aria Etemad, Volkswagen Group Research

Transportation Research Board (TRB) 96th Annual Meeting

January 8 to 12, 2017 Washington, D.C, USA

European activities on connected and automated driving; the present and beyond ‐ the AdaptIVe and Autonet2030 use cases // Angelos Amditis, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems ICCS

Automated Vehicles Symposium 2016

July 10 to 14, 2016 / San Francisco, USA

European Activities on Connected and Automated Driving; the Present and Beyond - The ADAPTIVE and AUTONET2030 Use Cases // Angelos Amditis, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems ICCS

Human Factors Recommendations for Highly Automated Driving in the EU Project AdaptIVe // Marc Dziennus, German National Research Center for Aeronautics and Space (DLR)

AdaptIVe Technical Workshop on “Developing Automated Driving”

April 21 to 22, 2016 / Athens, Greece

Welcome – Opening of the workshop

The automotive industry vision for automation // Aria Etemad, Volkswagen Group Research, Germany 

Automation technologies: Where we are and where we are going // Angelos Amditis, Institute of Communication & Computer Systems, Greece

Automation technologies I

SLAM technologies for parking applications Part I // Anastasia Bolovinou, Institute of Communication & Computer Systems, Greece

SLAM technologies for parking applications Part II // Markus Hahn, Daimler AG, Germany

AutoNet2030 – Towards the improvement of V2X standards for automated driving // Laurens Hobert, Hitachi Europe, France

Laser based vision for ADAS and Autonomous Driving // Filip Geuens, XenomatiX, Belgium

2400 km Mexiko Tour: Technical Challenges // Tinosch Ganjineh, Autonomos GmbH, Germany

Layered control architectures for automated driving like humans // Mauro Da Lio, University of Trento, Italy

Automation technologies II

The role of digital transport infrastructure as a major enabler towards automated driving // Tom Westendorp, TomTom, UK

Do we still need to consider Human Factors? - The challenges regarding human-vehicle interactions for automated  vehicles // Anna Schieben, German Aerospace Center - DLR, Germany

Cyber security // Onn Haran, Autotalks Ltd., Israel

Improving Vehicle Safety with Predictive Diagnostics // Udo Pletat, IBM, Germany

Experiences with automated driving functionalities in heavy duty vehicles – Driver is allowed to do secondary tasks // Marc-Michael Meinecke, Volkswagen Group Research, Germany

Evaluation and verification

Evaluation methodology for automated vehicles in AdaptIVe and beyond // Christian Rösener, Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Certification and standardization needs tailored to the needs of automated driving // Alvaro Arrue, Idiada Automotive Technology, S.A., Spain

Towards a common methodology for automation FOTs and pilots // Sami Koskinen, Technical Research Centre of Finland – VTT, Finland

From development to type approval // Felix Fahrenkrog, Institut für Kraftfahrzeuge, RWTH Aachen University, Germany

Legal and liability aspects

Paradigm shift in insurance policies // Panos Kouvalis, INTERAMERICAN, Greece

The Trolley-problem // Jochen Feldle, University of Würzburg, Germany

Legal Barriers and opportunities for experimenting and deploying AD systems in Europe // Yves Page, RENAULT, France

Regulatory update: EU Member States and beyond // Maxime Flament, ERTICO-ITS Europe, Belgium

24th Aachen Colloquium

October 5 to 7, 2015 / Aachen, Germany

AdaptIVe: Automated driving applications and technologies for intelligent vehicles // Jens Langenberg, Volkswagen AG 

22nd ITS World Congress

October 5 to 9, 2015 / Bordeaux, France 

SIS 31 - International perspectives on road vehicle automation (→ external link) / Organiser: Aria Etemad, VW


AdaptIVe - Evaluation//Felix Fahrenkrog, ika

Legal issues addressed in the EU funded AdaptIVe project //Andreas Knapp, Daimler//Sven Hötitzsch, University of Würzburg

Vehicle Automated Functions for Urban Driving//Luisa Andreone, CRF

SIS19 - An integrated approach towards automated transport systems
(→ external link)
A Stepwise Introduction of Automated Driving//Aria Etemad, VW

SIS03 - Human factors in automated driving
(→ external link)
Human-Vehicle Integration in EU-AdaptIVe // Johann Kelsch, DLR

Autocontact 2015

September 29 to 30, 2015 / Graz, Austria

AdaptIVe: Automated driving applications and technologies for intelligent vehicles // Jens Langenberg, Volkswagen AG 

AdaptIVe Workshop on Legal Aspects of Automated Driving

September 17, 2015 / Paris, France

European Commission position and actions regarding the legal aspects of automated driving // Wolfgang Höfs, Head of Sector "Strategic Planning and Communication" European Commission, DG CNECT 

Automated Driving - What is possible today? // Aria Etemad, AdaptIVe Coordinator, Volkswagen Group Research

Legal questions to be solved // Andreas Knapp, Leader AdaptIVe sub-project Response 4, Daimler AG

An overview of legal issues for automated driving from AdaptIVe Response 4 //Eric Hilgendorf, Professor of Law, Chairman of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminal Justice, Legal Theory, Information and Computer Science Law, The University of Würzburg

European legislative efforts: Germany - France – United Kingdom - Sweden // Maxime Flament, Head of Department Connected & Automated Mobility, ERTICO-ITS EUROPE

A US legal perspective on automated driving // Bryant Walker Smith, Assistant Professor of Law, University of South Carolina

Driving assistance systems and autonomous vehicles: Geneva and Vienna Conventions in 1949 and 1968 // Joël Valmain, WP 1 Vice Chair, Adviser for European and International Affairs to the Inter Ministerial Delegate for Road Safety

Do we need changes in UNECE technical regulations? // Yves van der Straaten, Secretary General and Technical Director, OICA

Legal framework for highly automated driving // Cornelius Renken, Senior Counsel, Head of Group Legal Product Safety, Volkswagen AG

Main challenges in data privacy law // Sophie Nerbonne, Director of Compliance, Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés (CNIL)

Necessity of new insurance business models? // Stéphane Pénet, Director of Insurance of property and liability, French Federation of the French Insurers

Where are we in 2040? //Alain Bensoussan, Alain Bensoussan Avocats

Conclusion and closing // Yves Page, Expert in 'Road Safety - Accident Research', Renault

[Journal] Procedia Manufacturing, 6th International Conference on Applied Human Factors and Ergonomics (AHFE 2015)

July 2015

Interaction Design for Communicating System State and Capabilities during Automated Highway Driving (→ external link) // Pontus Larsson, VTEC //Emma Johansson, VTEC // Mikael Söderman,VTEC // Deborah Thompson, VTEC

Automated Vehicles Symposium 2015

July 21 to 23, 2015 / Ann Arbor, USA

Legal Issues Addressed in the EU AdaptIVe Project// Andreas Knapp, Daimler

AdaptIVe - Evaluation // Felix Fahrenkrog, ika

ITS Conference 2015

April 24, 2015 / Brussels, Belgium

An Introduction to Automated Driving // Aria Etemad, VW

VRA Workshop

March 23, 2015/ Brussels, Belgium

Regulatory Needs for Vehicle and Road Automation: Project AdaptIVe // Dipl.-Ing Dipl.-Jur. Lennart S. Lutz, UNIW

[Journal] IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems

Febuary 19, 2015

Artificial Co-Drivers as a Universal Enabling Technology for Future Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems (→ external link) // Paolo Bosetti, UNITN // Mauro Da Lio, UNITN // Andrea Saroldi, CRF

VRA Webinar

February 06, 2015 / Brussels, Belgium

From Advanced Active Safety Systems to Automated Systems: From interactIVe to AdaptIVe and beyond // Angelos Amditis, ICCS

Transportation Research Board 2015

January 11 to 15, 2015 / Washington D.C., USA

AdaptIVe: Integrated Approach for Future Automated Vehicles and Relevant Applications in All Driving Scenarios // Aria Etemad, VW // Angelos Amditis, ICCS

Human Factors of Vehicle Automation: Preliminary Results from the AdaptIVe Project (poster) // Natasha Merat, University of Leeds

Evaluation and Sign-off Methodology for Automated Vehicles Based on Relevant Driving Situations // Adrian Zlocki, fka // Lutz Eckstein, ika // Felix Fahrenkrog, ika

SIP adus Workshop

November 18, 2014 / Tokyo, Japan

Impact Assessment in AdaptIVe - Workshop on Connected and Automated Driving Systems // Felix, Fahrenkrog, ika

VRA Workshop

November 6, 2014 / Brussels, Belgium

AdaptIVe Project Status // Panagiotis Lytrivis, ICCS

30. VDI/VW Gemeinschaftstagung

October 14 to 15, 2014 / Wolfsburg, Germany

AdaptIVe: Automated Driving Applications and Technologies for Intelligent Vehicles // Jens Langenberg, VW

VRA Webinar

October 10, 2014 / Brussels, Belgium

Human Factors in Vehicle Automation - Activities in the European project AdaptIVe // Emma Johansson, Volvo Technology AB

23rd Aachen Colloquium

October 6 to 8, 2014 / Aachen, Germany

Automated Driving Applications and Technologies for Intelligent Vehicles – AdaptIVe // Andreas Knapp, Daimler // Felix Fahrenkrog, ika


21st ITS World Congress

September 7 to 11, 2014 / Detroit, USA / SIS 50 Towards Automation Deployment / Organiser: Aria Etemad, VW

A Stepwise Market Introduction of Automated Driving // Aria Etemad, VW // Arne Bartels, VW

SIS 74 Towards Deployment of Automated Vehicles – Requirements for Road Testing / Evaluation of Automated Driving // Felix Fahrenkrog, ika  

TS 21 Traffic Safety Applications / Lessons Learned From Evaluation of the interactIVe Project and next steps towards the evaluation of automated driving // Felix Fahrenkrog, ika

[Journal] IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems (Publication with project-related contents)

July 11, 2014 

Artificial Co-Drivers as a Universal Enabling Technology for Future Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems // Mauro Da Lio, UNITN // Francesco BiralUNITN // Enrico BertolazziUNITN // Marco GalvaniUNITN // Paolo BosettiUNITN // David Windridge, University of Surrey // Andrea Saroldi, CRF // Fabio Tango, CRF

10th ITS European Congress

June 16 to 19, 2014 / Helsinki, Finland / SIS 37 Challenges of automated driving (→ external link) / Organiser: Aria Etemad, VW; Moderator: Maxime Flament, ERTICO



Introduction to automated driving // Aria Etemad, VW

From interactIVe to AdaptIVe: Evolution of automated driving // Lali Ghosh, Delphi // Angelos Amditis, ICCS

Challenges of vehicle automation // Katharina Wiedemann,WIVW GmbH, Würzburger Institut für Verkehrswissenschaften // Nadja Schömig, WIVW GmbH, Würzburger Institut für Verkehrswissenschaften

Evaluation of automated driving functions // Felix Fahrenkrog, ika

Automated Vehicles Symposium 2014

July 15 to 19, 2014 / San Francisco, USA

Evaluation methodology including impact analysis on safety and environment (poster) // Adrian Zlocki, ika

Working on Research, Legal and Deployment Issues in Europe for Automated Vehicles  // Angelos Amditis, ICCS, Institute of Communication and Computer Systems