Project material

The material below informs about the project.

Press information

Please contact the Dissemination Manager for additional press kit.

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Picture 300 dpi hands off the wheel woman

AdaptIVe_woman2_print_Copyright Volkswagen AG.jpg 2.7 MiB

Picture 300 dpi hands off the wheel man

AdaptIVe_man2_print_Copyright Volkswagen AG.jpg 2.8 MiB

Fact sheet European Union

AdaptIVe-SP1-final_OT_EU_factsheet.pdf 1.8 MiB

General fact sheet

AdaptIVe_A4_factsheet.pdf 1.9 MiB

Project objectives

AdaptIVe_project objectives.pdf 37.7 KiB

Project structure

projectstructure_new_15.pdf 547.7 KiB

Project brochure

1706_AdaptIVe_brochure_A5_v1.0.pdf 2.0 MiB