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Milestone reached: All demonstrator vehicles equipped


All demonstrator vehicles equipped, seven passenger cars one truck

Roughly two years after having started the project, all AdaptIVe demonstrator vehicles are equipped with the necessary hardware to implementing functionalities for automated driving.

The recommendations for human-machine interaction as worked out within the project have been considered when building-up seven passenger cars and one truck.

All demonstrator vehicles share a set of capabilities essential for automation levels from assistance up to high automation as realised in AdaptIVe:


  • An electric steering wheel actuator for lateral manoeuvres
  • Automated driveline and brake control for longitudinal manoeuvres
  • Forward looking long range radar
  • Forward looking camera
  • Sensors for 360 degree coverage, although of different types
  • Project specific HMI modified for automation


The design and implementation phase of the AdaptIVe project is now finalised and based on the demonstrators, the project shifts to iterative improvement and evaluation of the created technology.


The figure shows an overview of the eight demonstrators as assigned to the different development environments and the respective functions implemented.

enlarge image

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